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If I got elected, I will put this on my agenda. Time to make the abuse of power to pay the price, not us the tax payers.

Hard lesson for the San Jose City Council to learn, don't abuse your power. Let wait and see how the defendants as Sam Liccardo, Forrest Williams, Madison Nguyen, Chuck Reed and so on to defend themselves before court on the Brown Act's violations.

I don't think it is fair for us, tax payers to pay money to settle down the lawsuit after the court found them guilty. In the past, San Jose City had paid around 200,000 dollars for this case but somehow, still has not resolved yet. We need to change the law, to make the Brown Act's violations to be a punishable act. Make the defendants to pay for their violations, not us the tax payers.

"Councilman Forrest Williams has admitted he promised his support to Councilwoman Madison Nguyen prior to the council's Nov. 20 decision to name a business district.

Williams' statement is significant because it means that Nguyen would have spoken to a majority of her fellow council members before they voted on the name "Saigon Business District" - despite a passionate effort by community members to call the area "Little Saigon."



The Vietnamese American Community Turns Out, Poised to Impact Future Elections
by Chieu-An Ton Nu

We’ve learned a few important lessons from Election Day 2014, and perhaps one of the most important is how communities of color are stacking up to become forces in local politics, particularly the Vietnamese American community.  And within that theme, there is another consideration, about who might take the 25th Assembly District seat when Nora Campos terms out in 2016.  Generally considered a Latino stronghold, San Jose’s East Side has an emerging political force in the largest Vietnamese Community in America.

 Although generally voter turnout was low across the South Bay and the rest of the nation, the Vietnamese American community once again displayed strong voter turnout this past election.  Turnout nationwide hovered around 36%, the lowest since World War II. By comparison, the Latino community in San Jose had a similar turnout of 33.9%, but 47.8% of the Vietnamese community cast their votes.  There are some observations worth reflecting on as we look to future elections in the South Bay.

 San Jose’s Vietnamese community has grown more politically active over the years, in the wake of a visible Vietnamese American on City Council and the Little Saigon naming controversy. Many public figures have taken notice of this increased political engagement and have sought to build relationships with the community. Some have done so as part of a parade of public figures at Vietnamese Americans events. But long before it became a politically fashionable to be part of this parade, Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese was one of the earliest community leaders to build meaningful and strong relationships with the Vietnamese American community. This is why, despite Councilmember Madison Nguyen’s endorsement of Sam Liccardo’s candidacy for Mayor and his spending on Vietnamese language ads, the community heavily supported Cortese for Mayor of San Jose.  With its sizable populations of Vietnamese Americans, the electorate from Council Districts of 4, 5, 7 and 8 supported Dave for Mayor.

Focusing on Council District 4 for a moment, the seat that’s the subject of a special election this April, Vietnamese Americans form a core of the Asian Pacific American community that make up 62% of District 4.  Mayor Liccardo appointed a campaign supporter to fill the D4 vacancy until the election in a process that made a mockery of democratic principles and open government by not having any meaningful public notification of the process.  He seemed to thumb his nose at this growing Asian political force.

With the Vietnamese American community set to recognize the 40th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon in 2015, they are perhaps more motivated to demonstrate their political growth.  In District 4, this will happen despite Mayor Liccardo’s actions to deny them and the rest of District 4 their proper civic voice and representation.

 As mayor of the city with the largest Vietnamese American population in the nation, his political gestures are not going to do him any favors with the community.  And with a strong turnout of 47.8% in a low turnout election, the Vietnamese American community stands to make a meaningful impact not only in District 4, but also in the future race for the 27th State Assembly District, which includes large portions of East and South San Jose. The community has shown that those who make the meaningful and genuine effort to build a relationship and address issues that matter to them will earn the support, at the state level and local level, needed to continue making San Jose a great place to live.

Chieu-An Ton Nu is a San Jose political activist. 

2015 State of the Santa Clara County

Today (Jan. 27, 2015), my wife and I, were invited to attend the 2015 State of the Santa Clara Address at Montgomery Theatre, in San Jose California. Mr. Dave Cortese, President, Board of Supervisors, has welcomed and addressed all the attendees.

It was a well speak and very interesting layout plan for Santa Clara, California where Dave has strongly emphasized his effort to eliminate of the homeless issue in San Jose. He also mentioned in the coming April 30, 2015, in memory of 40 years after the fall of Saigon.

   Dave Cortese, President Board of Supervisors    With Dave Cortese  and Do Hung, PhD.

People gave a big applause for Victoria Thuy Vi, an American-Vietnamese little girl, worn Viet traditional ao dai and sang with her amazing voice of the US National Anthem.


Việt Vùng Vịnh phỏng vấn về cuộc tranh cử Dân biểu Tiểu bang California, Điạ Hạt 27th

Vinh Danh Việt Dũng tại Hội trường Giám sát viên Thành phố San Jose.
Chánh Văn Phòng của Bà Cindy Chavez, trao Bằng Vinh Danh  
Sáng 8 giờ 30, ngày 13 tháng 1 năm 2015. Tham dự Lễ Vinh Danh Việt Dũng tại Hội trường Giám sát viên Thành phố San Jose. Bà Cindy Chavez Giám sát viên, đã đọc lời vinh danh.

Sau đó, Chánh Văn Phòng của Bà, cũng đã trao tận tay Bằng Vinh Danh cho vợ anh Việt Dũng, trước sự hiện diện của nhiều đồng hương.

Dịp này, tôi cũng tiếp xúc với nhiều cá nhân, đại diện, và lãnh đạo các Tổ chức trong Cộng Đồng như Liên Đoàn Cử Tri, Hội Phụ nữ Việt Nam Hải Ngoại, Cộng Đồng người Việt Quốc gia Bắc CA, v.v..để trình bày về cuộc tranh cử Dân biểu Tiểu bang CA, Điạ hạt 27 của mình.

Cám ơn sự khích lệ và ủng hộ hết lòng của đồng hương, các đại diện, và lãnh đạo trong Cộng Đồng


This week campaign activity to report.

Meeting with Central Committee Democratic Party in Santa Clara Line up, ready to vote for Democratic Delegate of District 27th

On Thursday, Jan. 8, 2015. I went to participate on the Central Committee of Democratic Party's meeting in Santa Clara to meet many fellow Democratic Party members.

On Saturday Jan 10, 2015. My wife, I and several friends went to vote for our Democratic Delegates of District 27th. We met many elected officials, friends and prominent democratic party members, including incumbent State Assembly, District 27th Nora Campos, Cindy Chavez, City Supervisor, Lawyer Tam Nguyen, new City council, District 7.

The campaign is already gearing up. Thanks all for the help and support from friends, supporters, core campaign members and my wife, for being very actively supported.

I am calling all my friends and supporters, please continue to contribute your financial supports. Without your help, I won't be able to run the effective campaign. Please click on the website below and following the direction to contribute. Thanks



Dear All

San Jose, Jan. 06, 2015 - With great appreciation, I was fortunate to have my campaign core members formed within last week. Beginning of the New Year, we had a very productive meeting, laying out short and long term strategic plan for the campaign.

Our ultimate goal is to win the election, and be ready for very long, hard, challenged works for all.

Our slogan is "Go For DO 2016". Within the next months, we want to see this slogan spreads out of the District 27th.

We will have the very first fund raising, a private luncheon in San Jose, California in Feb, 2015. I want to thank all for your supports, contributions and dedications in this running of the CA State Assembly, District 27th.

Go For DO 2016


Update Activity

San Jose - December 28, 2014. In the event of Northern California Community, Sam Liccardo, new Major of San Jose City, officially presented the resolution to "prevent the Vietnamese Communist Government officials from travelling in or through the City of San Jose". 

I had the opportunity to chat and inform my running for CA State Assembly, District 27th with Sam Liccardo, new San Jose Mayor, Kansen Chu, new State Assembly, District 25th and Milpitas Mayor, Jose "Jose" Esteves as well.

Hôm qua tôi đến tham dự tiệc cuối năm của Cộng Đồng Bắc California, đồng thời dịp này, ông Tân thị trưởng San Jose, Sam Liccardo đã trao bản "nghị quyết cấm viên chức chính quyền CSVN đến thành phố San Jose".

Tôi cũng hân hạnh được nói chuyện và thông báo chính thức tranh cử chức Dân biểu tiểu bang CA, điạ hạt 27 với Tân thị trưởng Sam Liccardo, tân Dân biểu Tiểu bang, địa hạt 25 Kansen Chu và ông Thị trưởng Milpitas, Jose " Joe" Esteves