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Announcement to Run for CA State Assembly

December 24, 2014

Dear 27th District Residents and fellow Vietnamese-Americans,

My name is Cong Thanh Do. I’ve decided to run for the California State Assembly, District 27th, for the 2016 – 2018 terms. The incumbent, State Assembly Nora Campos will finish her term in 2016, after 6 years of representing District 27th. District 27th encompasses many neighborhoods within the San Jose city proper, as Little Saigon, Evergreen, Alum Rock, Downtown, Quimby, Silver Creek, Japantown, Vista Park, which boasts a population of nearly half a million people. Of these, more than 33% of the residents are of Asian descent, and the majority is Vietnamese-Americans.

With the population growth rate and the potential contributions of Asians, especially the Vietnamese in District 27th, I believe it is time we have an Asian American voice in the California State Assembly. There are some issues the City of San Jose in general and District 27th in particular are facing, both require practical solutions. The homeless situation in the heart of San Jose has risen to alarming level, wherein many Vietnamese residents have become its statistics. The problem of insecurity and rising crime are also mounting. There are many areas within District 27th that have become unsafe; many people hesitate to go out at night.

Known as the capital of high-tech innovation, Silicon Valley, where San Jose holds its greatest share has fallen prey to the short-sighted problem of outsourcing, and sending jobs offshore. The planning of the city’s downtown has not been properly developed in order to effectively attract tourism. Besides the concern of parents regarding the tuition increase in California, the immigration policy should also be resolved as soon as possible. Those are just a few of the problems that District 27th has to face along with many other issues. As a State Assemblyman, I would set out our priorities and responsibilities and pledge to work on finding  solutions.

I am an engineer, with an MBA in management, currently working in the fields of semiconductor and solar energy technology. I have also had the experiences of being a business owner in Los Angeles, Santa Ana and San Jose, California. I am married, with 3 children and a grandson. I have gone through the difficult period in my life as a political refugee. From these experiences, I believe I understand the obstacles that immigrants have to face, such as building a career from the bottom and working hard for our children’s education.

In 2006, due to my struggle for democracy and human rights in Vietnam, I was arrested and imprisoned for more than a month. I was on hunger strike during my incarceration. Due to pressure from US officials, and concerned  voices from Vietnamese media in both North and South California as well as the strong protests from my family and overseas Vietnamese, the Hanoi government, had to deport me back to the US.

Following my convictions, I believe that the effort to make things better in our adopted country is both important and necessary, as it contributes directly to the betterment of our lives and our future. And through these achievements, it is also possible to indirectly support the struggle for democracy in Vietnam. This is why I've decided to run for the California State Assembly, District 27th in 2016.

In this new context, giving us the opportunity to have a voice in the California Congress, I would need the active support of 27th District residents, Vietnamese community in local areas and beyond, to have the chance to represent the collective interests of District 27 residents, which is also home to the majority of this country’s Vietnamese-Americans.

Thinking ahead to 2015, I wish my fellow residents health and success in the New Year. Currently, I am preparing my staff and campaign plan. Most importantly, I would like to ask for the contribution of your opinions and support in all areas, in order to win the position of the California State Assembly, in District 27th.

Thank you for giving me the time and opportunity.

Please direct all communications to:
Cong Thanh Do, 2647  Senter Rd, PO Box 196 - San Jose CA 95111
Email:                  do4stateassembly2016@gmail.com
Website:             http://doforstateassembly.com/
Facebook:          https://www.facebook.com/Cong4StateAssembly
Tel:                       408 - 703 7544

San Jose, Dec. 24, 2014

Cong Thanh Do

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